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Unlike traditional computer classes these workshops are very interactive. They're “Playshops or Gadget Parties.”

  • Learn about smartphones, tablets and apps like the kids do.

  • The younger generation isn't smarter than you! They just spend a helluva lot of time fooling around to see what the gadgets and apps can do and they share their discoveries with friends.

  • Take an hour and a half for yourself -- to relax and just play. You can't break the darn things and I'll be there to to guide, coach and answer all your questions.

  • Playing around and learning by doing under the guidance of a patient, compassionate mentor, is the most effective and fun way to learn!

  • As you work with partners, you anchor your own learning.

The people in my first playshop had so much fun and such a sense of accomplishment that they wanted to do it every week!

Host a playshop at your home, country club or community recreation hall.

It's only $25 per person and your friends will love you for it.


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