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Everyone has questions about computer technology

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Presentations taylormade for your group or choose one of the topics below.



There is an Apple Universe, a Microsoft Universe and a Google Universe and trying to live in more than one, is the root of most of your problems and frustrations.  This presentation creates oohs and aahs as the tech world starts to suddenly make sense.


How To Avoid The Most Common Computer Problems

  • Viruses and Spyware
  • Losing your documents or photos
  • Pop up screens with scary messages
  • Trouble keeping track of your passwords
  • Your computer, smartphone or tablet is running so-o-o-o slow
  • Web pages take forever to load
  • Q & A Session

How To Choose The Right Computer and Mobile Devices

  • The pros and cons of tablets, computers, and smartphones
  • How to choose the best tools for your needs and budget
  • The responsibilities and true costs of owning them.
  • A handy questionnaire to help participants decide what they need.
  • Q & A Session

Chromebooks: The Ultimate Tool for Technology that’s Simple, Easy & Fun

  • What exactly is a Chromebook and how is it unique?
  • Will a Chromebook Meet Your Needs?
  • How To Prepae for the Switch to A Chromebook
  • Chromebook Buying Guide
  • Q & A Session

Computer Security and Internet Safety Made Simple

  • Protecting Your Computer
  • Browsing the Internet Safely
  • Shopping safely on the internet
  • Avoiding Scams
  • Q & A Session

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